The Newtones Profile

Andrew Schmidt
22 May 2013

Tony Peake was a crucial figure in the development of the Christchurch punk and post-punk scene. The punk, new wave and reggae records he imported through the University Bookshop were a vital source of new music for the city’s musicians and music fans.

The charismatic Tony Peake was also a performer but his early bands ­– the punkish Vandals and the more experimental Street of Flowers – never recorded. He left his mark with The Newtones alongside bass player Mark Brooks (another major player in the Garden City punk scene with The Vauxhalls) and drummer Graeme van der Colk (in his first serious band). After forming in mid-1980, they quickly became regulars in a thriving scene at The Gladstone.

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The Newtones - Graeme Van Der Colk, Mark Brooks, Tony Peake
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Mark Brooks, Tony Peake and Martin Archbold
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The lyrics to Christchurch Pt. 2 off the Paint The Town Red EP
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Androidss, Newtones, Playthings, Ritchie Venus @ The Gladstone
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Robin Neate's proof sheet of Newtones photos for the My World single, October 1981
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The Newtones in the Quad at the Christchurch Arts Centre, March, 1981
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Paint The Town Red
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The Newtones – Mark Brooks, Graeme Van Der Colk, Tony Peake
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The Newtones head south
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The Newtones with soundman, Fred Kramer. L to R: Graeme Van Der Colk, Mark Brooks, Fred Kramer, Tony Peake
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Tony Peake - vocal, guitar

Mark Brooks - bass, vocals

Graeme van der Colk - drums

Martin Archbold - drums

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