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aka Alan Stephenson
Redmer Yska
21 Dec 2014

Singer Steve Allen, in helmet hair, double breasted suit and flares, led the opening ceremony of the 1974 Commonwealth Games. His rendition of the Games song 'Join Together' brought the 35,000 strong crowd to its feet.

This hummable, even uplifting New Zealand anthem was already a powerful lightning rod for protest, its message of tolerance and racial harmony enraging South Africa’s white apartheid regime. Seven words in particular: freedom, race, creed, peace, war, black and white, were judged unsuitable by the authorities and the song was banned outright. Even more upsetting to them was Allen’s lyric that “people black and white will come from all parts of the world.”

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Join Together 2011, re-recorded for Cholmondeley Children's Charity after the Christchurch Earthquake
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Steve Allen, first up on Studio One New Faces (1974)
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Steve Allen recording for Viking at EMI's Wellington studio circa 1973
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Steve Allen at the 1978 APRA Silver Scrolls with producer/songwriter Mike Harvey and his wife Jill
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Steve Allen in 1972
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Steve Allen - Join Together
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The UK release of Join Together
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Steve Allen at the Topaz Fiesta, Gisborne, 1974
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
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Before he signed to Viking, Steve Allen recorded this 1972 budget album of mostly covers for PolyGram
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The single sleeve for the 1974 smash hit Join Together - which offended the South African government so.
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Steve Allen with APRA's Pat Bell and the plaque for the 1978 APRA Silver Scroll winning song Why Do They?
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Steve Allen was a member of Wellington band The Lost Souls in the 1960s, leaving in 1968 and signing to HMV for one single 'This Old Man' (as Stevie Allan) in 1969. The Lost Souls performed many sessions at HMV backing other acts like Mr. Lee Grant, with Allen playing guitar.

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