Two months after releasing their lauded debut album Geographica and being deemed New Zealand's next great rock band, Weta came to an unexpected halt. Label pressure and touring proved too much and the band’s dedicated fan base were left pressing repeat on the sole full-length album and their propulsive debut EP.

Weta frontman Aaron Tokona proved he had rock and roll flowing through his veins from a young age. The budding guitarist was expelled from Lower Hutt’s Taita College after taking the reins of a classical piece in school assembly to perform his own version of Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’.

Weta on the cover of NZ Musician, June/July 2000
Weta, January 2000
Weta - Let It Go
Weta, 2009: Gabriel Atkinson, Aaron Tokona, Clinton den Heyer and Clinton Tokona.
A late 2000 Warner Music Weta publicity shot
Weta - Got the Ju (2000)
Weta's 2000 album Geographica
Gabriel Atkinson and Aaron Tokona in Weta.
Weta at Homegrown 2009
Clinton den Heyer
Weta, January 2000
Weta - Calling On
Gabriel Atkinson
Aaron Tokona in Weta.

Shihad frontman Jon Toogood wrote the song Pacifier about Aaron Tokona.

Calling On serves as the opening music for the film When Strangers Appear.

Geographica producer Steve James is the son of English comedian Sid James.


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Aaron Tokona - vocals, guitar

Gabriel Atkinson - vocals, guitar

Clinton Tokona - bass

Clinton den Heyer - drums

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