Vince Callaher

When the engines failed on the immigrant ship Captain Hobson, in rough seas 1000 km off Gisborne, Vince Callaher picked up his guitar and attempted to calm his fellow passengers with an impromptu performance. He played rock’n’roll hits, accompanying the singing of an 11-year-old boy.

The year was 1957, and the 21-year-old was emigrating to New Zealand from Liverpool, where, thus far in the recording era, only Frankie Vaughan and Russ Hamilton had ever had any success in pop music. 

Vince Callaher at Waipu Cove, during the tour of Northland with Bruce King, Gray Bartlett, and others. 
Photo credit: Bruce King
Where Vince Callaher's performing career began: 1000 km west off Gisborne, when the immigrant ship Captain Hobson was stranded in rough seas, 1957. 
Photo credit: Evening Post collection, Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington; ref: EP/1957/2492-F
Gene O'Leary - a profile of the Auckland songwriter in Playdate, October 1960. 
Vince Callaher, featured on the cover of the 'Angela Jones' sheet music (Southern Music Publishing Co). There is no evidence that Callaher recorded this song by John D Loudermilk, but he was likely talked into performing it by Southern's Auckland rep, Wally Ransom. It was first released by US singer Johnny Ferguson in 1959. 
Vince Callaher, Joy, 1 September 1959
Vince Callaher, 'Moo Cow Boogie Blues' (Leedon, Australia, 1959)
Vince Callaher, 'He'll Break Your Heart' by Curtis Mayfield; accompaniment by the Graham Bartlett Combo (La Gloria, 1961). 
Vince Callaher, 'Listen To The Beating Of My Heart' (Prestige, 1959). Written by Gene O'Leary, the backing band was Will Jess (Bill Sevesi) and the Jesters. 
Vince Callaher, 'The World of Suzy Wong' (Octagon, 1960)
Vince Callaher, Playdate, April 1961.
In Gisborne as part of a 1959 Phil Warren touring group: Kahu Pineaha, Simone, and Vince Callaher
Photo credit: Gisborne Photo News
An all-star bill of New Zealand recording stars, at Sunday Night at the Carnival, Western Springs - as advertised in the Auckland Star, 22 January 1960. The promoter claimed the stadium could hold 20,002 people. 

‘Bye Bye Baby Goodbye’ was first heard in New Zealand in 1959 recordings by Cole Wilson and the Tumbleweeds, and by Australian rock’n’roller Cole Joy, who visited the country that year as Johnny Cash’s support act.



La Gloria



Vince Callaher, as featured on the cover of the 'Angela Jones' sheet music. 

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