Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People play the feelgood style of soulful reggae called Lovers’ Rock, though they also mix in sounds from Aotearoa and the Pacific to create what they call “Sunshine Reggae”. This upbeat sound has seen them repeatedly top the local charts and become favourites on the festival circuit. The band has lost some key members along the way but has adapted and survived.

The founding members of Tomorrow People originally came together in the band Terakey, who played a mix of Polynesian music and cover versions. Avina Kelekolio showed his talents as a producer by setting up his own home studio.

Tomorrow People: Elia Feterika, Greer Samuel, Liam Va'ai with Gold certifications for their 2012 debut album, One.
Tomorrow People - Souljah Feeling ft. House of Shem (2013)
Tomorrow People: Luke Whaanga, Elia Feterika, Aroha Owens, Avina Kelekolio, Kenape Saupese, Tana Tupai, Hennie Tui.
Tomorrow People in the studio with Fiji (centre). The others pictured are (from left) Te Aranga Savage, Hennie Tui, Tana Tupa'i, Avina Kelekolio.
Tomorrow People, left to right: Luke Whaanga, Hennie Tui, Tana Tupa'i, Jojo Beazley, Avina Kelekolio, Elia Feterika, Kenape Saupese.
Tomorrow People, 2018: Tana Tupa'i, Hamo Dell (standing), Daniel Sugrue, Avina Kelekolio (standing), Kenape Saupese, Marcus Abraham, Duane Te Whetu.
Tomorrow People: (at back, left to right) Te Aranga Savage, Snow Chase, Tana Tupa'i, Duane Te Whetu. In the foreground are Kenape Saupese, Avina Kelekolio, Hennie Tui.
Tomorrow People - This Feeling ft. Sons of Zion (2017)
Tomorrow People: Lai Lepou, Liam Va'ai, Avina Kelekolio, Lio Fili, Aaron Davey, Elia Feterika, Tana Tupa'i.
Tomorrow People's Avina Kelekolio and Tana Tupa’i with Gold certifications for their 2012 debut album, One.
Tomorrow People - BBQ Reggae (2018)
Tomorrow People in 2023: Fredwyn Kisona, Duane Te Whetu, Snow Chase, Avina Kelekolio, Tana Tupa'i, Hennie Tui, Te Aranga Savage.
Tomorrow People - Don't Worry Baby (2021)
Tomorrow People - Feel Alright (2012)
Tomorrow People winning Best Pacific Roots Reggae Artist at the Pacific Music Awards 2020.
Tomorrow People - One (2012)
Tomorrow People - Irie Music (2013)
Tomorrow People - Don't Wanna Fight It (Poly Reo Remix) (2018)
Tomorrow People, left to right: La'i Lepou, Elia Feterika, Lio Fili, Liam Va'ai, Avina Kelekolio, Tana Tupa'i, Aaron Davey, Analote Faletolu.
Tomorrow People: (top row, seated) Daniel Sugrue, Kenape Saupese, Hennie Tui, Tana Tupa'i, (standing) Avina Kelekolio, Hamo Dell, Marcus Abraham.
Tomorrow People, left to right: Luke Whaanga, Elia Feterika, Tana Tupa'i, Jojo Beazley, Avina Kelekolio, Hennie Tui, Kenape Saupese.
Tomorrow People: (back, left to right) Tana Tupa'i, Duane Te Whetu, Daniel Sugrue. Front, left to right: Hamo Dell, Kenape Saupese, Avina Kelekolio.
Tomorrow People, left to right: Elia Feterika, Tana Tupa'i, Luke Whaanga, Hennie Tui, Kenape Saupese, Avina Kelekolio.
Tomorrow People - Best of My Love (2023)
Tomorrow People - Ōku Rā (2021)
Tomorrow People - Take It Away (2012)
Tomorrow People - Bass & Bassinets (2015)

In the early 2000s, Avina Kelekolio was part of the RnB/hip hop group, Beatrootz and Tana Tupai worked with him to produce the band’s music.


Avina Kelekolio - vocals, producer

Tana Tupa’i - keyboards

Lio Fili - bass

Liam Va’ai - vocals

Analote Faletolu - vocals

Elia Feterika - drums

Aaron Davey - guitar

La’i Lepou - keyboards

Luke Whaanga - vocals

Johanna Tepania - vocals

Hamokiterangi Dell - vocals

Dan Sugrue - drums

Te Aranga Savage - vocals

Hennie Tui - bass

Duane Te Whetu - drums

Fredwyn Kisona - vocals

Snow Chase - vocals

Kenape Saupese - keyboards

Marcus Abraham - vocals

Aroha Owens - vocals

Jojo Beazley - vocals

Greer Samuel - vocals


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