The Tufnels

The Tufnels had pedigree when they arrived on the Auckland indie music scene in 1992. The band was formed by “Big” Ross Williams and “Little” Ross Hollands from Bird Nest Roys, whose releases would become cult favourites in the US. The band was named after a fictional guitarist, Nigel Tufnel (played by Christopher Guest) from the Rob Reiner-directed 1984 mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap, which perhaps hints at their light-hearted approach.

All the members had full-time jobs, so it was more of a part-time affair. Williams had a knack for remembering facts so started making paid phone calls to the telephone trivia game, Entertainment Trivia. He won $1500 in a month, providing enough extra cash to take the band into Progressive Studios and start recording an album.

The Tufnels
Photo credit: Publicity photo
Poster, 1990s: The Tufnels, Garden Shed, Superette
The Tufnels, from left to right: Rachel Maloney, Mark Robertson, Ross Williams, Graeme Danielson, Steve Gilberd.
Photo credit: Publicity photo
The Tufnels - Lurid
Poster for The Tufnels, Superette and Garageland at Squid Bar, Auckland, 1990s.
Husky Vooms (1994)

Globule Records


Ross Hollands - vocals

Ross Williams - vocals, guitar

Steve Gilberd - drums

Rachel Moloney - guitar, vocals

Mark Robertson - bass

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