The Knobz

The Knobz formed in Dunedin in January 1979 and were soon a household name after the success of their second single ‘Culture?’. The topical single attacked the 40 percent sales tax on local music.

Comedian and Rob Muldoon imitator Danny Faye guested on the single. The band claimed in their press release that they were “forced into independent release when ‘Culture?’ was pronounced ‘politically hot’ by EMI, who subsequently refused distribution rights.” EMI had distributed the first Knobz single six months prior.

Kevin Fogarty, Mark Stanton, Peter McManus, Bob Reid

The Knobz created and sent a crossword to media that tested their Knobz knowledge.

Not slow to jump on a current event, The Knobz made a positive contribution to John Lennon's death by releasing the single 'Liverpool To America' and all royalties went to Yoko Ono's Spirit Foundation. It reached No.42.

John Fogarty was the former owner of the Blarney Bar at Dunedin's Empire Tavern

Kevin Fogarty is the patron of the NZ Ukulele Festival and has written a book, Ukulele World.



Bunk Records


Kevin Fogarty - guitar, synthesiser, vocals

Stephen Haggie - rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals

Peter McManus - bass, vocals

Bob Reid - drums

Mark Stubbs - keyboards

Johnny Tuska - saxophone, vocals

Warwick Keay - bass, vocals

Noel Kennedy - keyboards, vocals

Carey Peterson - vocals

Tim Powles - drums

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