The Kal-Q-Lated Risk

aka The Risk, Biggles

From pop hits to rock singles to something altogether more refined, The Kal-Q-Lated Risk made memorable New Zealand music in the 1970s under three different names – both at home and in England.

From 1970-74 the band released 11 singles and an album, then followed in The Fourmyula’s footsteps, travelling to England on a cruise ship and recording an album in London for Decca in 1976. Decca spared no expense and the band’s prospects looked quite promising. Sadly, however, the label did not release the finished album and the band’s members parted company in 1977 – still only in their mid-twenties.

Mike Guildford, circa 1969.
Gig break, Solway College school dance, Masterton, circa 1969. L to R: Mike Guildford and Ian Taylor.
Masterton, circa 1969. L to R: Bernie Carey, Phil Hope, Ian Taylor, Dave Cameron and Barry Rushton. 
L to R: Phil Hope, Ian Taylor and Barry Rushton, circa 1970. 
The Kal-Q-lated Risk, from left: William Davidson, Robert Coulter, Phil Hope, unidentified, Bernard Carey
Photo credit: Jim Pilcher
Band with van, 1969. L to R: Bernie Carey, Ian Taylor, Dave Cameron, Phil Hope and Barry Rushton. 
Hawke’s Bay Herald-Tribune, 7 May 1969.
Holding Our Own album insert, 1972
Circa 1970. Clockwise from front: Bernie Carey, Ian Taylor, Barry Rushton, Dave Cameron and Phil Hope. 
Astoria Ballroom, Palmerston North, circa 1970. L to R: Dave Cameron, Barry Rushton and Bernie Carey.
Ocean Beach Hotel, Dunedin, Christmas 1970. L to R: Barry Rushton, Ian Taylor and Phil Hope.
Letter to editor, 1969.
Dave Cameron with Hofner violin bass, circa 1970. 
The Kal-Q-Lated Risk - Looking Through The Eyes of a Beautiful Girl (1970)
Circa 1969. L to R: Bernie Carey, Dave Cameron, Phil Hope, Barry Rushton and Ian Taylor.  
A get-together in 2013. L to R: Phil Hope, Bob Coulter and Willie Davidson. 
Runners up in Wellington Battle of the Bands heat, March 1969.
Wellington, circa 1972. L to R: Phil Hope, Bernie Carey, Barry Rushton, Bob Coulter and Willie Davidson. 
The Kal-Q-Lated Risk
Bob Coulter with Guyatone bass, circa 1972.
Photo shoot in Masterton, circa 1969. Clockwise from front: Ian Taylor, Phil Hope, Dave Cameron, Mike Guildford and Bernie Carey.
Pushing the band’s van and chasing Loxene Golden Disc votes, 1970.
Acetate of Biggles’ unreleased 1976 album.
Adverts for gigs in the Horowhenua, Manawatu, Rangitikei and Wanganui districts, circa 1970. 
Off to see penguins and seals, Otago Peninsula, circa 1970. L to R: Bernie Carey, Dave Cameron, Ian Taylor, Barry Rushton and Phil Hope. 
Playing at a marae in Wairoa, circa 1970. L to R: Barry Rushton, Ian Taylor, Bernie Carey and Phil Hope. 
Early Kal-Q-Lated Risk line-up, circa 1968. L to R: Dave Cameron, Ian Taylor, Mike Guildford, Laki Apelu and Bernie Carey. Former drummer, Bradley Dickinson, is on the dance floor (with head up). Mike Guildford’s collection.
Circa 1972. Clockwise from front: Phil Hope, Steve Hudson, Willie Davidson, Bob Coulter and Bernie Carey. 
Pre-Kal-Q-Lated Risk bands, So Inspired (left) and Mode Of Existence (right). With Mike Guildford (drums), Dave Cameron (bass, far left and far right), and the Thomas brothers, Grant and Brent.
Adverts for Lower Hutt shows, 1969.
Circa 1970. L to R: Bernie Carey, Dave Cameron, Ian Taylor, Phil Hope and Barry Rushton. 
Loading Mike Guildford’s drums into the band’s van, circa 1969.
Cassette tape of Biggles’ audition recordings for Decca, July 1975. 
Quarter-inch master tape of side 1 of Biggles’ unreleased 1976 album, There’s No Mouse In The House. 
Final New Zealand single, 1974 – ‘Soul Singing Lady’ backed with ‘Bye Bye’
The Kal-Q-Lated Risk, Holding Our Own (1972)
Poster and advert for September 1970 gig at the Astoria Ballroom, Palmerston North. 
Poster for first booking after turning professional. 
Article and advert for Pahiatua gig, 1970.
Seven-inch acetate from the July 1975 Decca audition – ‘Soul Singing Lady’ backed with ‘Miles Of Smiles’
Ian Taylor, circa 1970.
Digital Greatest Hits collection, released in 2015. Clockwise from front left: Phil Hop, Ian Taylor, Mike Guildford, Dave Cameron and Bernie Carey.




Carl Evensen - bass, vocals

Ian Taylor - vocals

Willie Davidson - vocals

Wayne Thurston - guitar

Laki Apelu - guitar

Bernie Carey - keyboards

Dave Cameron - bass

Bob Coulter - bass

Phil Hope - guitar

Bradley Dickinson - drums

Mike Guildford - drums

Barry Rushton - drums

Steve Hudson - drums

Craig Nicholson - drums

Rex McLeod - drums

Ian Kennedy - drums

Bob Millar - drums

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