The Drongos

In 1978 four New Zealand musicians, having heard so much about New York, decided to check it out.

They became well-known for busking the pavements of Manhattan, played clubs such as CBGBs and Max’s Kansas City many times, attracted notice from serious A&R names, and became friendly with David Lange during his visits to New York. They released two albums, one of them recorded on the sidewalk.

Diamond In The Dirt - live in NYC
Substance Abuser
The Drongos, determined to unblock CBGBs' notorious toilets, New York, 1980. From left: Richard Kennedy, Stan Mitchell, Jean McAllister, Tony McMaster. 
Photo credit: Martha Moran
The Drongos in Manhattan in the early 80s: Richard Kennedy, Jean McAllister, Stan Mitchell and Tony McMaster
Photo credit: Photo by Peter Rosenberg
The Drongos interviewed on a NYC street by Paul Shaffer
The Drongos at the Tin Pan Alley Ballroom, NYC, in the early 1980s - Richard Kennedy, Jean McAllister, Tony McMaster and Stan Mitchell
Photo credit: Photo by Peter Rosenberg
The Drongos at Cornell University, New York
The Drongos meet David Lange on their farewell tour in 1985, backstage at Exchequers nightclub, Wellington
Tony McMaster, Jean McAllister, Richard Kennedy, Stan Mitchell
The Drongos playing on the corner of 50th and Broadway, NYC
Live at Cornell University
Will play for food: The Drongos in Midtown West, NYC, 1983: Richard Kennedy, Tony McMaster, Jean McAllister, Stan Mitchell
The Drongos at CBGBs
I Gotta Leave - home made demo
The Drongos with friends at the West 50s Manhattan playground, 1982-3
Photo credit: Photo by Peter Rosenberg
Playing in NYC with a "friend" dancing, Richard Kennedy on the right


Proteus Records


In the early 1980s The Drongos were named New Zealand Cultural Ambassadors to the US


Jean McAllister - guitar, vocals

Richard Kennedy - guitar, vocals

Tony McMaster - bass

Stanley John Mitchell - drums

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