Stinky Jim

aka Jim Pinckney

Stinky Jim explained to the NZ Herald in December 1996, “In Germany a lot of radio people and journalists would turn up who really loved the album, because we’re a bit of an enigma, coming from New Zealand, having recorded in New York and been released on a German label.”

Jim was talking about Unitone HiFi – his successful collaboration with Joost Langeveld. Unitone had just pulled off the then seemingly impossible – they had released three albums on a hot European indie label and, to add another layer to the feat, they were records created by pre-internet era transglobal collaboration between the two members. In other words, by mail, phone and fax machine.

Stinky Jim's Social Awareness - The Remixes was released in May 2023, with remixes of tracks from his August 2022 album Spacial Awareness.
The Mighty Asterix, Stinky Jim and Slowdeck at The Trueschool "Clash Of The Codes"
Photo credit: Dubhead collection
Unitone Hifi - Sitting by the phone (Ansaphone mix)
Unitone HiFi - Rewound and Rerubbed (1996)
The Stylee Crew (later known as 37 Degrees) - Clockwise from top left: DLT, Roger Perry, Stinky Jim, Dubhead, Slowdeck
Photo credit: Photo by Darryl Ward. Dubhead collection
Unitone HiFi - Joost and Jim
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HDU - Lull Dark Restart (Soundproof Remix)
The Mighty Asterix and Stinky Jim at PHAT09 - a Film by Paul Moss
Stinky Jim and SJD, 2007
Photo credit: Photo by Andrew Dubber
Stinky Jim with the US hip-hop group Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, 95bFM 1990
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Unitone HiFi - Sitting by The Phone (1992)

Round Trip Mars




The Tranquillity Bass radio show was born out a 95bFM special where Stinky Jim and Eddie Chambers tried to play the bassiest records they could find.

A 1999 Stinky Jim interview with Gary Steel in the NZ Listener, on DJ culture, was famously controversial. "You can't just buy a record bag and 100 records and become a DJ" he opined.

Stinky says, "I’m most happy when I’m making tunes. Sometimes you simply have to, there is no choice involved."

Stinky Jim posts a new selection of songs on his blog weekly - check the links.

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