Roger Giles

For nearly 50 years Roger Giles was a virtual godfather of the Auckland folk music scene. His masterly MC work and support of the Devonport Folk Club and the Auckland Folk Festival was legendary, as was his Devonport community work and his dedication to the environmental care of Mount Victoria/Takarunga.

To many musicians, Roger and his life-partner Hilary Condon were the folk who made folk music work in the city. But his connections to folk went back to hearing it played by traditionalists during his childhood in Britain. 

Roger Giles with Australian singer-songwriter Margaret Roadknight (left) and Gill Winter of folk musicians' agency Flying Piglets, outside The Bunker, Devonport, 1990.
Watch: Roger Giles at the Bunker - the Devonport Folk Music Club, 26 April 2009
Roger Giles MCing at the Auckland Folk Festival.
Hilary Condon and Roger Giles, at the Variety Artist Club Awards, Auckland, 27 October 2010.
Photo credit: Jason Fell
Miriam Beatson, Roger Giles, and Geoff Chapple, at the Michael King Writers' Centre, Devonport, 2018.
Watch: Roger Giles introduces the Amazing Frank E Evans Band as they perform Ring Of Fire. Video by John Calder at the Dogs Bollox, 2008.
Watch: Frank E Evans Band performing Sweet Sue with Roger Giles on jug - the Bunker, Devonport, 2008.
Roger Giles, president of the Devonport Folk Club, at its longtime venue The Bunker on Mt Victoria. 
Roger Giles working on his second passion: the environment of Takarunga (Mt Victoria), Devonport. 
Hilary Condon and Roger Giles - partners in life and stalwarts of the Devonport Folk Club.
Variety Artist Club president Tom Sharplin presents the VAC Unsung Hero Award to Roger Giles, 27 October 2010.
Photo credit: Jason Fell
Roger Giles was the MC at the Auckland Folk Festival for several decades. 
Roger Giles at the entrance to the Bunker - the home of the Devonport Folk Club since 1970. 

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