Phil Bowering

Phil Bowering’s most high profile project was, erm… Low Profile, a project that released three EPs and two albums through Wellington’s Jayrem label in the 1980s.

Strongly betraying the musical literacy of art funksters like Bill Laswell and Talking Heads, with a small dollop of 1980s King Crimson on the side, Low Profile combined Steve Garden’s preternaturally audiophile production values (and precision drumming) with Bowering’s slippery rubber band bass, and songs that displayed a clear predisposition towards social and political issues.

Phil Bowering in the studio, February 2014
Photo credit: Phil Bowering collection
Phil Bowering in the studio, 1986
Photo credit: Phil Bowering collection
Elephunk In My Soup
Phil Bowering recording in Steve Garden's studio, 1983
Photo credit: Murray Cammick Collection
Elephunk in My Soup - the 1984 Low Profile (Phil Bowering and Steve Garden) EP
Moving Lines, 1986 - Michelle Scullion, Roger Sellers, Phil Bowering, Jann Rutherford
Photo credit: Phil Bowering collection

Back in NZ he has performed in dance productions Marraminde and Sumptuosity, and performed with many ensembles, including Drum Magic, Ditto, The Skinnydippers and the Delta Jazz Trio.

Philbo has an abiding interest in Eastern spirituality and is a long-time permaculture-oriented environmentalist.




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