Lucid 3

Arguably the finest female singer-songwriter to blow in on a wave made by Bic Runga’s late 1990s success, New Plymouth’s Victoria Girling-Butcher chose to go covert, hiding within the ranks of her trio Lucid 3.

Although Girling-Butcher could write a mean ballad (check out the hushed awe of ‘All Moments Leading To This’), Bic Runga’s winsome naivety wasn’t her style. Perhaps she took her tip from assertive post-feminist songwriters like Alanis Morissette, but Girling-Butcher never milked the bitterness from her life experience, or relayed it with unappealing stridency.

Lucid 3 performing at Womad.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Marcus Lawson, Lucid 3, on the Bowl stage at Womad.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Derek Metivier onstage at Womad.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Victoria Girling-Butcher and Marcus Lawson, onstage at Womad.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Victoria Girling-Butcher, Marcus Lawson, Derek Metivier
Running Down The Keys, 2002
Victoria Girling-Butcher and Marcus Lawson onstage at Womad.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Marcus Lawson.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Smooth Machine
Marcus Lawson, Victoria Girling-Butcher, Derek Metivier
Lucid 3 performing onstage at Womad.
Photo credit: Mark Roach
Lucid 3
Am Radio

Victoria Girling-Butcher - vocals, guitar

Marcus Lawson - bass

Derek Metivier - drums


Girling-Butcher’s occasional day job until recently was journalism. In 2004, she was working as a court reporter in New Plymouth: “There’s something I really like about reporting. Even community news. I like community. I like the little stuff. Journalism is interesting to me intellectually, I do find it stimulating … but there’s something that does really wear you down when you’re not able to earn money from what your whole heart and love is going into, music.” She also paid the bills by serving time in bands with Dave Dobbyn and Andrew Keoghan.

Derek Metivier has gone on to work in television sound engineering and composition, while Marcus Lawson has performed with Dave Dobbyn and others.


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