Harry Harrison

There was once a little Scots chap called Ian Petrie Harrison, growing up in a satellite town of Glasgow called East Kilbride. This town was clean and fresh and new, but the little boy, then six, and his younger sister weren’t there long enough to know it would become the most successful and populous of modern towns on the city’s urban fringe.

Before Ian had earned the now-familiar nickname of Harry and was properly aware of his surroundings and his Scottishness, his father – who had seen Australia and New Zealand as a merchant seaman – packed up the family and emigrated to Australia. Sydney’s cerulean skies, temperate climate and the positivity and promise of the so-called Lucky Country would displace memories of their former chilly northern lives.

Harry Harrison (left) in Sojourn, 1984, with Michael Warmuth, who played hammer dulcimer.  
Harry Harrison, 2018.
Harry Harrison & Inside Out - Hokey Pokey
Harry Harrison on classical guitar, 1977.
Harry Harrison, 2011.
King Tubbs, 2016: Justine Snelgrove and Harry Harrison. 
Photo credit: Harry Harrison collection
Harry Harrison - lead sheet for 'All You've Got'.
Harry Harrison and Richard Pickard.
Harry Harrison in 1958, with his parents Jack and Myra Harrison.
Harry Harrison & Inside Out
Harry Harrison at the Dux de Lux, Christchurch 1986.
The Blue Swing Quartet, 1995. From left: Harry Harrison, Fiona Pears, Keith Petch, and Mike Kime.
Photo credit: Harry Harrison collection
King Tubbs: Justine Snelgrove and Harry Harrison.
Photo credit: Harry Harrison collection
Sneaky Feet, 2008 (L-R): Danny Wilson, Rob Carpenter, Harry Harrison, and Wayne Allen.
Photo credit: Harry Harrison collection
Harry Harrison in 1960.
Harry Harrison, 2018.
Harry Harrison - Wahi Tapu
Harry Harrison - The Big Picture
Harry Harrison, 2010.
Harry Harrison, Choice Cuts.
Last Light, a composition by Harry Harrison. Composition/lyrics/orchestration/guitar by Harry Harrison, vocals - Jennine Bailey, piano - Darren Pickering, bass - Richie Pickard, Drums - Reuben Bradley, Christchurch Symphony conducted by Benjamin Northey, 2009. Filmed by Rick Harvey
Harry Harrison - A Sense of Place (2019)
Sneaky Feet, 1990 (L-R): Marc Beecroft, Danny Wilson, and Harry Harrison.
Photo credit: Harry Harrison collection
Harry Harrison, 2006.
Harry Harrison - Just One
Part 1 from Three Short Stories by Harry Harrison
Old Friends - Harry Harrison with Richard Pickard - bass, Greg Donaldson - drums. Film by Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison - lead sheet for 'Secrets'.
Harry Harrison - A Different Turn
Harry Harrison, 2020.
Harry Harrison in Bon Ton Roulet, performing Junior Wells' 'Messing With the Kid' - 2019 International Jazz and Blues Festival, James Hay Theatre, Christchurch.
Harry Harrison performing his musical composition to accompany Len Lye's film Tusalava.
Harry Harrison, 2019.
Harry Harrison, 2015.

The same year the Harrisons emigrated to Australia on the Fairsky, The Bee Gees and their parents went the other way on the ship, returning to UK while 'Spicks and Specks' was topping the Australian charts.

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