Disjecta Membra

Formed in 1993, the Hamilton-born, now Wellington-based Disjecta Membra is essentially the brainchild of founder, vocalist, and guitarist Michel Rowland, and while many band members have come and gone over the years, he has been the one constant across more than a quarter of a century.

This makes Rowland and his band, the odd short hiatus notwithstanding, a true pioneer within a local context. Of course, there have been other New Zealand-based bands ticking all the boxes we usually associate with goth, but most have been short-lived, and Disjecta Membra is surely the granddaddy of them all.

Disjecta Membra: Darkness Gathering, 2003.
Disjecta Membra, Bodega, Wellington, 2016.
Photo credit: Stella Gardiner
Disjecta Membra, 2013. L to R: Matthew Tamati Scott, Dan Smart, Kane Davey, Michel Rowland, Izzy Te-Aho White.
Photo credit: Andrew Ginther
Disjecta Membra - Madeleine! Madelaine!
Poster for Disjecta Membra, Thistle Hall, 11 July 1997.
Disjecta Membra's Isobel Joy Te Aho White.
Photo credit: James Black
Disjecta Membra - gig promo, Auckland, 2017.
Photo credit: Warren Jones
Disjecta Membra, Hole in the Wall, 4 April 2009.
Disjecta Membra - Rasputin (Russian Dossier)
Disjecta Membra live in Auckland, 2007.
Photo credit: Melissa Van Berkel
Disjecta Membra's Matthew Tamati Scott, 2014.
Photo credit: James Black
Disjecta Membra's Kane Davey.
Photo credit: Stella Gardiner
Disjecta Membra, Death By Discotheque single.
Disjecta Membra, Whakataurangi Ake single.
Disjecta Membra - Death By Discotheque (extended version)
Disjecta Membra, Achromaticia album cover.
Disjecta Membra photographed behind the scenes at their first performance. L to R: Ben Cauchi, Michael Rowland, Paul Kennedy.
Photo credit: Kristi Kennedy
Disjecta Membra, 2019. L to R: Kane Davey, Michel Rowland, Jaz Murphy.
Photo credit: Rosebud Garland
Disjecta Membra - Walking In Light (Th' Dudes)
Disjecta Membra's Jaz Murphy.
Photo credit: Stella Gardiner
Disjecta Membra, The Infancy Gospels EP.

Michel Rowland - vocals, guitar

Paul Kennedy - keyboards, guitar

Ben Cauchi - bass

Jason "Jaz" Murphy - bass

Jacob Sullivan - bass

Matthew Tamati Scott - guitar, keyboards

Kane Davey - guitar

Isobel Joy Te Aho-White - bass

Dan Smart - drums, samples

Vivian Stewart - guitar, bass

Russell Dench - keyboards

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