Diggy Dupé

With three albums, two EPs, an APRA screen music award, an Aotearoa Music Award and two Pacific music awards to his name, Diggy Dupé has firmly claimed his place in the Aotearoa music industry.

Diggy’s lyrics transport you through the streets of Grey Lynn, each song telling the rich narratives of central Auckland’s different characters as he explores themes of identity, gentrification, and culture. 

Diggy Dupé at the Cool Like That video shoot at Mercury Plaza, K Road, 2016, with Rizvan, Melo, DJ Spell, and an entourage.
Photo credit: Dan Nathan Walker
Diggy Dupé, in white cap, with (from left) Rizvan, Melo, and Villette, at Red Bull 64 Bars Live, 2016.
Photo credit: Diggy Dupé Collection
Diggy Dupé inside Red Bull Studios with Spycc (SWIDT) and ILLBAZ, for the People Presence campaign for Huffer. 
Photo credit: Stephen Langdon
Diggy Dupé on channeling his changing surroundings, 2017
Diggy Dupé - Hype (2020)
Diggy Dupé with his partner Kama Aliska Scretching at the Aotearoa Music Awards, 2021.
Photo credit: Penina
Diggy Dupé - 40oz (The Gate)
Diggy Dupé at the Newtown Festival, Wellington, 2021
Photo credit: Nathan Blundell
Diggy Dupé - That's Team (feat. AP) (2020)
Diggy Dupé - GOT MINE feat. Sam V (Produced By Haz' Beats)
Diggy Dupé - WEON (2021)
Diggy Dupé, third from left, with Team Dynamite, during the 'Who?' video shoot, Auckland, 2020.
Photo credit: Tim D
Diggy Dupé - Trust Remix ft. Rizván, Poetik, REDD x ROZAY, Church & AP, MELODOWNZ, Trey Bond (2019)
Diggy Dupé - Midnight Cruise (2017)
Diggy Dupé - a photo shoot at the laundromat, Grey Lynn, 2020.
Photo credit: Tom Grut
Diggy Dupé at San Fran, Wellington, 2021. This image was used for the WEON single cover. 
Diggy Dupé performing at Elemental Nights, Auckland Town Hall concert chamber, 28 July 2022.
Diggy Dupé at the Newtown Festival, Wellington, 2021. 
Photo credit: Jamie Leith
Diggy Dupé, far right, at the Aotearoa Music Awards, 2021, with SWIDT and Team Dynamite. Team Dynamite won Te Kaipuoro Hipihope Toa/Best Hip Hop Artist for 'Respect The Process'. 
Photo credit: Shelley
Diggy Dupé on the set of The Panthers, with Demetrius Kolomatangi, 2021.
Photo credit: Nicole Hunt
Diggy Dupé with Melo, during the video shoot for 'Big Deals', 2020
Photo credit: Jared Tinetti
Diggy Dupé and Che Fu, backstage at the Auckland Town Hall for The Navigator's 20-year anniversary show.
Photo credit: Lucky Lance
Diggy Dupé performing at the Newtown Festival, Wellington, 2021
Photo credit: Jamie Leith
Diggy Dupé - Keke Boy (2020)
Diggy Dupé - New Devils ft. SWIDT Starring Dre Skrila (2020)
Diggy Dupé at Elemental Nights, Auckland, 2022. 
Diggy Dupé at the album cover shoot for Island Time, Grey Lynn Park.
Photo credit: OneDeap (Jamie McCready)
Diggy Dupé at the Clutch Play gig, Coroglen Tavern, 2021.
Photo credit: Jamie Leith

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