Dark Tower

Dark Tower were formed in 1993 in Christchurch by Jody "The Earl" Lloyd (rapper, producer) and Eli "The Eel" Foley (rapper). Pioneers in the New Zealand hip-hop scene, in 1995 with the assistance of a Creative New Zealand grant, they released their first EP, Real Zealmen, which was well received by student radio.

They followed that up in 1998 with their debut album Shadows on a Flat Land, which was released on Lloyd's own label She'll Be Right Records. Around this time Dark Tower were closely associated with a community of Christchurch musicians including Lloyd's family, Mark Duff, Claire Falloon and Jeremy Taylor, all of whom contributed to Shadows on a Flat Land.

NZ Musician September 1999

Jody Lloyd - rap

Eli Foley - rap

Jamie Greenslade - rap


She'll be Right Records

You Beauty (2001 remix)
Baggy Trousers
White Whine (live @ hagley park, 1993)
Alright Now

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