Collapsing Cities

Formed in 2006, Collapsing Cities delivered chaotic, danceable guitar pop with an attitude that only creatives in their early 20s could muster. Their catchy, ramshackle melodies and deadpan, observational lyrics are underpinned with subtle cynicism; the energy of a Friday night driven by the mentality of a Saturday hangover.

From DIY beginnings in an apartment on Auckland’s Karangahape Road to the stages of Reading and Leeds, the four-piece really did, in their own charismatic way, reach great heights. But burnout came hard and the comedown was long. And even though their sophomore release was frustratingly delayed, the album’s maturity and density reaffirmed just why the band struck a chord with both local and international audiences and critics alike.

Collapsing Cities - So I Said Last Weekend (directed by Tim van Dammen, 2009)
Collapsing Cities
Collapsing Cities - Instrumental (live Red Bull session, 2009)
Collapsing Cities, L to R: Steve Mathieson, Jonathan Lee, Tim van Dammen, James Brennan
Collapsing Cities - Fear Of Opening My Mouth (2008)
Collapsing Cities
Collapsing Cities - No Plans (2007)
Collapsing Cities - Regret (2012, directed by Tim van Dammen)
Collapsing Cities - Seriously (2008)
Collapsing Cities - Elixir Always (directed by Tim van Dammen, 2009)
Collapsing Cities - Tazers (2009, directed by Tim van Dammen)
Collapsing Cities L to R: Tim van Dammen, James Brennan, Steve Mathieson, Jonathan Lee
Favour For Favours (2012, directed by Tim van Dammen)

Pastel Pistol


Way Out West


Steve Mathieson - guitar, vocals

James Brennan - guitar

Stephen Parry - bass

Tim van Dammen - drums

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