Barry Markwick

In Christchurch in 1965, years before jazz musicians came around to the Beatles’ music, a young pianist Barry Markwick – with bassist Gerald Newson and drummer Harry Voice – recorded an album of Lennon-McCartney tunes, perhaps the first full album of jazz interpretations of Beatle songs anywhere in the world.

At 22, Markwick wasn’t much of a Beatles fan. “Initially, my reaction to the Beatles was one of complete disinterest,” he tells AudioCulture from his long-time home in Toronto. “Their musicianship appeared dismal but the melodies were interesting, some combining the 12 bar blues sequence and others the standard popular format of AABA. At this point, however, they were just another of a huge bunch of financially successful, ill-trained musicians.”

Barry Markwick Plays the Lennon-McCartney Song Book (Peak, 1965)
Harry Voice, legendary drummer - and pianist - in Wellington and Christchurch from the 1940s to the 2000s. Among those he played with were various combos of Doug Caldwell, Chuck Fowler, and the Barry Markwick Trio on its Beatles albums.
Photo credit: Jo Jules collection
Gerald Newson, bassist with Barry Markwick Trio
We're here all week: Eliza Keil appears at the Golden Age Restaurant for a season with the Barry Markwick Trio.
Photo credit: The Press, 4 December 1969
Barry Markwick Plays The Lennon McCartney Song Book (Peak, 1965)
Barry Markwick Trio Brings Help! to the Jet Set (Peak, 1965)
Barry Markwick plays music-to-suit-the-mood at Tonee’s Jade Room – a gay fashion spot for teens ’n twenties – on Hereford Street, Christchurch. “There’s hi-fi, mod mags, free coffee for shoppers and the with-it styles.”
Photo credit: The Press, 29 July 1965

Peak label owner Jack Urlwin's Milliganesque liner notes for the Barry Markwick Trio's Help! album (1965)
The Barry Markwick Trio performs at the opening of the Golden Age restaurant, with special guest Max Cryer
Photo credit: The Press, 26 July 1969
The Barry Markwick Trio Brings Help! to the Jet Set (Peak, 1965)
Derek Rooney's liner notes for the first album of Beatles interpretations by the Barry Markwick Trio (Peak, 1965). 
Barry Markwick at CPIT Jazz School, 2008.
Photo credit: Jo Jules collection
Christchurch jazz albums, reviewed by The Press in 1965: Barry Markwick's first album of Beatles interpretations, Judy Bailey's album You and The Night and The Music, and Makin' Tracks by Stu Buchanan with the NZ National Jazz Quartet. 
Photo credit: The Press, 12 May 1965
Barry Markwick: a 1963 publicity shot. 
Photo credit: Jo Jules collection
A cavalcade of Christchurch jazz musicians performs at the Carnival Jazz concert, Civic Theatre, Christchurch. - The Press, 5 November 1960
At "Jazz - 1963" a new wave appears, with musicians including 21-year-old Barry Markwick (performing Miles Davis and Horace Silver) and singer Malcolm McNeill. - The Press, 4 December 1963

Peak Records

In the presence of Miss World, the Barry Markwick Trio performs at the coronation of Miss Canterbury, the Civic, Christchurch. - The Press, 20 March 1965
Jack Urlwin pushes Peak - and Barry Markwick - internationally; Billboard, 3 April 1965

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