Zed Stories

Zed: renegade fighters - part one

Zed gained nationwide media attention in 1996 when music business veteran Ray Columbus announced that these talented Christchurch teenagers had been signed to a song publishing deal with Warner-Chappell. Columbus then managed the young band as it saturated the airwaves and music video channels with hits such as ‘Glorafilia’ and ‘Renegade Fighter’. The machinations of seeking to repeat its local success in foreign lands proved difficult and soul-destroying.

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Zed: renegade fighters - part two

When a debut album is very successful, recording the follow-up becomes harder, not easier. The music industry term for it is “the sophomore album”. The record company always has a bigger budget and bigger expectations. Zed had to create an album that would please its American label with the added complication of having to re-record the earlier hits. 

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