TrueBliss Profile

Brian White
29 May 2013

For better or worse – TrueBliss were the pop group that gave the planet the Popstars TV franchise, and from there, the Pop Idol and (insert country) Idol megalith – changing the way pop music was discovered and delivered to the world.

The simple concept was from Aucklanders Jonathan Dowling and Bill Toepfer – you take the audition process for a pop band and turn that into a TV show. The candidates are drawn from the public applications and at the end of the process you release a record from the new group.

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Megan Cassie, Joe Cotton, Erica Takacs, Keri Harper, Carly Binding
The sole album from TrueBliss released in June 1999. Produced by Anthomy Ioasa, the album debuted at Number 1 on the Official New Zealand Music Chart and achieved well over double-platinum sales in a week.
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TrueBliss at the 1999 Music Awards, towards the tail-end of the incredible media scrum that followed them everywhere for months: Joe Cotton, Megan Cassie, Erika Takacs, Keri Harper, a reporter and - looking decidely not at ease (she would shortly leave the group) - Carly Binding.
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Number One
Carly Binding, Keri Harper, Megan Cassie, Erica Takacs, Joe Cotton
At the 1999 New Zealand Music Awards: Joe Cotton, Megan Cassie, Keri Harper, Erika Takacs and an unknown fan
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Megan Alatini (neé Cassie) was a judge on NZ Idol.

Carly Binding would be the second TrueBliss member to have a long-term relationship with a football star, with Matthew Ridge. They have a child together.

Jo Cotton would go on to win a second talent contest: Pop's Ultimate Star, in 2007.

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Carly Binding - vocals

Joe Cotton - vocals

Erika Takacs - vocals

Keri Harper - vocals

Megan Alatini - vocals

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