Toy Love Stories

Toy Love week in Dunedin

First published in Rip It Up, November 1979

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Toy Love at the Windsor

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Stepping Out - Toy Love's live dates

Known datesJanuary 79

Zwines. 19.

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Toy Love in Australia


In 1979 Terence Hogan was an Auckland-based writer and graphic artist involved in comics and music. He contributed to the comics periodical Strips, and designed two of the best-known record covers of the period: the AK79 compilation album, and the picture sleeve of Toy Love’s debut single ‘Rebel’ b/w ‘Squeeze’. 

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Toy Love make Toy Love

As a group I think most of us shared a healthy scepticism towards life, but there was a palpable excitement at the prospect of Toy Love finally recording an album. The band was brimming with songs that they’d been playing live for months, and that deserved to be nailed down for posterity and wider circulation. Also, there had been precious little new material written so far in Sydney and there was a real desire to bear down on that aspect. 

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