The Topp Twins Stories

Lynda and Jools Topp, alias Homemade Jam

First published in Broadsheet, January/February 1980

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The Topp Twins on the road, 1985

Australia’s musician, lawyer and politician Peter Garrett joined New Zealand’s political artists Jools and Lynda Topp in a nationwide “Nuclear Disarmament” tour. Wellington journalist Michèle A’Court managed to catch up with them for a couple of days for student paper Salient.

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The Topp Twins: Good Sisters Gone Bad

It can’t be long before the Topp Twins are featured on a bank note, so enshrined are they in the culture. In March 2018 two prime ministers turned out to honour Jools and Lynda Topp when a touring exhibition about them opened at the National Library, over the road from Parliament.

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The Topp Twins: close encounters of the weird kind

The Topp Twins meet Robert Muldoon and Dizzy Gillespie

1981 was, of course, a pivotal year. It began at the Nambassa alternative lifestyle music festival near Waihi. The Topps dressed in brightly coloured satin suits, and remember it as the “peace, love and barfi” festival (barfi being a sweet milky treat from the Hare Krishnas, which the pair consumed with relish). But there was a political lesson in the experience they didn’t expect.

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