The Magick Heads Profile

Michael Higgins
21 May 2013

In addition to his long term memberships of The Clean and The Bats, the prolific Robert Scott has never been short of side projects.

From 1991 to 1997, he also devoted his considerable energies to The Magick Heads – a band conceived by Scott, and 3Ds members David Mitchell and David Saunders, as a vehicle for the striking voice of Jane Sinnott.

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The Magick Heads (live) - Bob Sutton Collection
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Back Of Her Hand
The Magick Heads circa 1991: David Saunders, Jane Sinnott, David Mitchell, Robert Scott
Photo credit: Photo by Gerald O'Brien
Mink, The Magick Heads and Alastair Galbraith, The Empire, May 1993
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David Mitchell sleeve for The Magick Heads 1991 single 'The Back Of Her Hand'
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Robert Scott, Richard Strang, Jim Strang, Jane Sinnott, 1997
Photo credit: Photo by G. O'Brien
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Scott, Saunders and Mitchell first heard Jane Sinnott when she was singing Sundays and Smiths songs in a covers band at Dunedin’s Empire Tavern.

Initial funding given by the QEII Arts Council to the band listed them as Jane and the Magick Heads.

Before We Go Under – the title track of the first Magick Heads album was originally written by Robert Scott for American singer Barbara Manning. She recorded it as ‘B4 We Go Under’ with Flophouse in 1993.

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Robert Scott - vocals, guitar, bass

Jane Sinnott - vocals, guitar

David Saunders - guitar

Jim Strang - drums

Alan Strang - bass

David Mitchell - drums, guitar

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Flying Nun

Dark Beloved Cloud

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