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Andrew Schmidt
22 Jan 2014

It was rough, raw and alive, and oh so electric. Chances are if you were a New Zealand teenager and it was a Tuesday night in late 1964, your television would be tuned to Let's Go.

As a tall blond compere in impeccable suit brightly announced, “Hi there, this is Pete Sinclair ... once again Let’s Go with The Librettos,” an attack of handclaps, insistent bass from Brian Peacock, then a surge of guitarist Rod Stone’s surf picking burst forth.

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Back row: Roger Simpson, John England, Dave Clark. Front row: Paul Griffin, Gordon Jenkins, Rod Stone
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The Librettos at the Rotorua Soundshell Ballroom
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An Australian publicity shot - Rod Stone, Brian Peacock, Craig Collinge
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The Librettos with UK popster Billy J. Kramer (with the black eye he received in Australia) at Wellington Town Hall, 1964
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An alternative shot from the photoshoot for the HMV album Let's Go
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At the Rotorua Ritz Ballroom
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The Librettos - Lou Parun, Dave Diver, Brian Peacock, Rod Stone
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Rod Stone, Dave Diver, Brian Peacock, Lou Parun in Masterton
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The Librettos in an Australian HMV publicity shot. Rod Stone, Lou Parun, Brian Peacock, Craig Collinge
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Lou Parun's third solo single for the small Lexian label, from 1963, backed by The Librettos
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Circa 1962, L to R (back row) Gordon Jenkins, David Clark, John England, (middle) Rod Stone, (front row) Roger Simpson, Paul Griffin
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The Librettos in Nelson
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The Librettos: Roger Simpson, Rod Stone, Gordon Jenkins, Paul Griffin and John England
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Rod Stone on guitar with Dave Clark behind
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Rod Stone, Andy Shackleton (hidden), Johnny England, Dave Diver - at Miramar Lamp Factory social club
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The Librettos at the 1962 Hastings Blossom Parade. L to R: Rod Stone, Dave Clark, Paul Griffin, John England
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Rod Stone in a Lexian Records publicity shot for his Skye Boat Song solo single, 1963
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Early Librettos line-up taken while playing in Rotorua, probably at The Ritz. Back row (L to R): Paul Griffin, guest drummer Ray Earle, John England. Front: Rod Stone, Howard Morrison, Roger "Sammy Rogers" Simpson, Harry M. Miller, David Clark. Harry Miller and Howard Morrison were the promoters.
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Gordon Jenkins (on drums), Paul Griffin, John England, Rod Stone
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The Librettos at the 1962 Hastings Blossom Festival. With guitars in the back - Rod Stone, Paul Griffin, Roger Simpson, John England. In front of Rod Stone: Dave Clark.
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HMV publicity shot
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The 1966 Kicks single released on the Australian label Sunshine.
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The Librettos only album, reissued in 1997 with bonus tracks
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At the Nelson Sports Hall - Dave Diver, Paul Griffin, John England, Ian Dawson. Rod Stone
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Rod Stone - guitar

Lou Parun - vocals, guitar, keyboards

Brian Peacock - bass

Dave Diver - drums

Craig Collinge - drums

Roger Simpson - vocals

Dave Clark - piano

Johnny England - guitar

Paul Griffin - bass

Gordon Jenkins - drums

Andy Shackleton - drums

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Rod Stone and Andy Shackleton found the name Librettos by randomly poking a pin in a dictionary.

Prior to The Librettos Rod Stone and Andy Shackleton had performed as an Everly Brothers styled duo.

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Sunshine Records