The Datsuns Stories

The Datsuns – part 1

After wading through countless pages of NME coverage of The Datsuns, I am prepared to stand by my post-two wines prophetic statistic that the Datsuns’ NME coverage will exceed the total column-inches in NME on all other New Zealand acts combined, throughout the history of the human race. A few Datsuns gigs in London, in 2002, had a powerful impact.

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The Datsuns - part 2

“They said, ‘Are you up for Ozzfest’? The head of V2 in the States, Andy Gershon, was thinking, ‘you guys are really into the 70s thing, the hard rock thing, the garage rock thing … it’s gonna fly in the mid-west, cos they’ve probably been brought up on Motorhead, Cheap Trick’.” Dolf recalls. “We said, ‘nah, those guys are all in their forties now’.”

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The Datsuns - live at St James, 25 October 2003

The Datsuns live at Auckland's St James, 25 October 2003. 

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