The Clean Stories

The Clean Part One 1978 - 1988

“We resented the one way culture traffic into New Zealand…” - The Clean

We were living in the bottom flat of a two-storey concrete block on the east side of the Waikato River in the upper North Island city of Hamilton, my brother Gonzo, the Christian and I. Working and studying and obsessing about our favourite indie bands in a small inky, stencil-cut fanzine called Ha Ha Ha, which we’d drop in record shops in town and send to Ima Hitt in New Plymouth and Flying Nun Records to distribute.

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The Clean Part Two 1988 - 2014

It’s July 1988 and The Clean have arrived in London for their first overseas shows. The component parts of the New Zealand trio have come together from two hemispheres. Drummer Hamish Kilgour from New York City and Bailter Space, with whom he’s recorded a diverse and challenging EP (Nelsh Bailter Space) and album (Tanker), which are among his best work. Bass player Robert Scott is at the end of a second USA tour with The Bats, an indie pop group driven by his songs. Scott and Hamish Kilgour’s bands have just finished performing at New York’s New Music Seminar, an important indie music showcase. Guitarist David Kilgour is in Europe with his girlfriend on a long overdue overseas trip.

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The story behind 'Tally Ho!'

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