The Avengers Stories

The Avengers story - part 1

The Avengers: Clive Cockburn, Hank Davis, Dave Brown and Eddie McDonald - Photo by Sal Criscillo

As the summer of 1965 gently meandered into 1966, part time musician and budding entrepreneur Ken Cooper undertook his biggest project to date when he decided to start his own club, The Place, in Willis St, central Wellington. Ken had been successfully running weekly teen dances at The Teenarama in St Francis Hall, near Parliament. Helping him to convert the former Post Office building into his vision was Dave Brown, an experienced musician and apprentice builder/ joiner who had just completed his nine-month compulsory military training.

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The Avengers story - part 2

In early June 1968, Ken Cooper arranged for the group to work at the upmarket Prince Alfred club in Sydney for six weeks, while Prince Alfred resident band Frankie Stevens & The Castaways worked the Wellington scene for Ken.

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