Th' Dudes Stories

Th' Dudes live, 1977 and 1979

From the Rikki Morris collection comes images of Th' Dudes live, from opposite ends of their career. The younger brother of guitarist and songwriter Ian Morris, Rikki Morris was with the band as a roadie and stage soundman throughout their years together. The first show is at a Radio Hauraki gig at Ellerslie Racecourse, early in 1977. The line-up was Peter Urlich, Ian Morris, Bruce Hambling, Dave Dobbyn and bassist Peter Coleman. Rikki Morris took the photos.

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Th' Dudes: photos by Murray Cammick

In the early days of Rip It Up when these photos were taken, Auckland lived in the shadow of Hello Sailor. They were suave, sophisticated rock musicians that were placed on a pedestal by fans and media. A young band like Th’ Dudes were also in awe of Hello Sailor and gained a “Hello Sailor wannabes” tag in some quarters. But who didn’t want to be Hello Sailor or wear the boots they wore?

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All the Young Dudes

Should you ask me to put a date on when Th’ Dudes began, I’d point to a Saturday afternoon sometime early in the Auckland summer of 1975. If the past is a foreign country, then New Zealand in the 1970s was another planet. When the world ended, the joke went, we’d be okay because everything here happened five years late ...

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