Tamburlaine Stories



Say No More (Tartar SLC-105) 1972 R3

Rebirth (Tartar SLC-118) 1973 R2

Say No More / Rebirth (Kiwi-Pacific SLC-105) 2019 CD re-issue


'The Raven And The Nightingale'/ 'Lady Wakes Up' (PS) (Tartar TR 001) 1972

'If You Gotta Go (Go Now)'/ (Just Like) Tom Thumb's Blues' (Marilyn Bennett with Robbie Laven & Tamburlaine) (Tartar TR 002) 1972

'The Reaper'/ 'Up Against The Wall' (PS) (Tartar TR 004) 1972'Sunny Side'/ 'Lady Wakes Up' (PS) (Tartar TR 006) 1973

The Players 

Denis Leong - guitar, vocals , bass, percussion, pianoSimon Morris - bass, guitar, mandolin, recorder, vocals 
Steve Robinson - guitar, vocals
, percussion, piano, harmonicaRob Winch - guitar, vocalsMark Hansen - drums, vocals

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Tamburlaine’s lost, last song

At the tail end of their lifespan Tamburlaine recorded a little known one-off single at Sonic Studios in Wellington.

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