Strawpeople Stories

Strawpeople - part one

Paul Casserly is most comfortable behind-the-scenes in all his media guises, but it’s his foray into music that has nudged him, however unwillingly, into the limelight. Along with Strawpeople co-founder Mark Tierney, key collaborators such as Greg Johnson, Fiona McDonald, and an array of top vocalists and musicians, he has created some of our smartest pop music.

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Strawpeople - part two

After Worldservice was released there was interest from EMI in Australia. “EMI was Trevor [Pagan Records] Reekie’s New Zealand distributor but they weren’t at all interested in us,” says Tierney. “But an A&R guy in Sydney was showing real enthusiasm. He gave us money for demos, and mixing at 301 in Sydney. For us, this was the big time. And we basically started remaking Worldservice, but this time ‘properly’.”

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