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Simon Grigg
22 Apr 2013

There is an irony in the fact that the most evocative summertime song to hit New Zealand’s airwaves in 1994, Sisters Underground’s ‘In The Neighbourhood’, was released in the depths of a particularly cold winter.

The single peaked at No.6 in June 1994, although only Auckland’s MaiFm and the bNet stations played it at the time.

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Sisters Underground
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In the Neighbourhood
Sisters Underground and the Otara Millionaires Club, Big Day Out, Sydney, January 1995
Photo credit: Alan Jansson Collection
Sisters Underground
Photo credit: Photo by Greg Semu
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Second Nature

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In 2003 Hassanah supported De La Soul in New York City.

Hassanah was the guest vocalist on the track Runaway from Soane's 2004 album Tongan Chic.

In 2006 Hassanah's vocals featured on the track What You Talkin' Bout by Young Jezzy (US Def Jam).

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Hassanah Iroegbu - raps

Brenda Makammeoafi - raps

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