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Brent Hayward on Shoes This High

Pre-punk lessons flowed freely into the space created by punk. The unsettling of rock’s predicable beats, the DIY independence of Ralph and Recommended Records and artist’s imprints like Pere Ubu’s Hearthan Records, the dissonant, cracked end of prog rock. They all fed new Wellington art-punk outfit Shoes This High. Brent Hayward, one of the most distinctive voices in New Zealand music was the front man. He talks. AudioCulture listens.

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Brent Hayward on Shoes This High Part 2

Auckland debut at Café XS on July 27, 1980

“Before we got a gig. I got to hear more and more about this boot boy thing. Boot boy. Boot boy. Boot boy. Fight. Fight. Fight. Never actually heard anybody talking about any music. Like: ‘See that guy over there? He’s part of the boot boys ... blah blah blah.'”

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The Amps/Jellyfish story

Amping up the Mind Shaft

A fading boho coffee lounge might seem an unlikely place for Wellington’s first regular punk rock venue, but in November 1978 the Chez Paree, located upstairs in the Embassy Theatre building and a legendary hangout for the capital’s demi-monde during the 1960s and early 1970s, became just that when its manager, Tony Lambert, decided to host live bands.

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