Rino Tirikatene Profile

aka Te Rino Tirikatene
Grant Gillanders
4 Aug 2017

The handsome Te Rino Tirikatene possessed a unique and passionate soulful bass voice, impeccable rhythm, and a pitch-perfect ear. He was also a proficient self-taught rhythm guitar player.

Tirikatene was one of long-standing Labour MP Eruera Tirikatene’s 11 children. He was born at Rātana Pā, near Whanganui, and grew up in Rangiora, north Canterbury. Coming from Rātana it is unsurprising that he was interested in brass bands: he was a founding member of the Rātana Morehu Brass Band and the New Zealand Māori Brass Band.

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Rino Tirikatene and The Blockbusters - Times Is Tough (1964)
Rino Tirikatene - 'We're Gonna Dance' single, 1962
Rino Tirikatene - 'Love Is A Golden Ring' single, 1962
Rino Tirikatene and The Blockbusters - We're Gonna Dance (1964)
Rino Tirikatene - a portrait taken for an intended HMV album, c1963