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Rick Bryant on Rough Justice

Rough Justice in Queenstown, 1978: Martin Highland, Peter Boyd, Bernadine Doyle, Peter Kennedy, Stephen Jessup, Rick Bryant, Janet Clouston, Nick Bollinger and Mike Gubb (next to his dog, Rhodes). - Mike Gubb collection. Photo by Alison Clouston.

Fresh from 12 months in Wi Tako prison (now Rimutaka Prison) for cannabis related offences and hungry for the road, Wellington R&B singer Rick Bryant launched a new working band in August 1976 that he dubbed Rough Justice. The double-barrelled name defiantly referenced his immediate past.

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Rick Bryant’s glory days at the Gluepot

For musicians, playing the Gluepot meant you'd made the grade. When you actually live in pubs for a period of years, moving every couple of days, with the occasional respite of a fortnight in one place, the phrase "a really good pub" has a resonance it cannot have for those of you who live in bungalows, baches or bijou maisonettes.

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Rick Bryant, 1983: Soul Satisfaction

“I’ve been singing those sad, sad songs. Sad songs, all I know” – Otis Redding

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