Ragnarok Profile

Gary Steel
22 Jul 2014

If somebody wrote a book on the history of progressive rock in New Zealand, it would be a very slim volume indeed. One group instantly springs to mind when you throw both New Zealand and progressive rock into a witch’s cauldron: Ragnarok.

Formed in 1974, the group’s short story consists of two marvellous albums – their self-titled debut Ragnarok (1975) and follow-up Nooks (1976) – together with a lot of touring and pub residencies. They were gone by 1978, having barely scratched the public consciousness.

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An advert for Perraux Sound, the Napier company that provided Ragnarok with their massive sound rigs
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Sunday 5 June, 1977, at the Munical Theatre, Napier
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Ragnarok Mk.1: From left, clockwise - Lea Maalfrid, Ross Muir, Andre Jayet, Ramon York, with Mark Jayet in the centre
Hero thumb ragnarok studio 1
Ragnarok in the studio, with Mark Jayet looking over the gear
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The poster for Granny's in Auckland's Durham Lane West. Ragnarok became a resident act at the club in the mid-70s, playing four nights a week.
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Five New Years
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Ragnarok live on Grunt Machine (1976)
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Ragnarok Mk.2 without Lea Maalfrid - Mark Jayet, Andre Jayet, Ross Muir and Ramon York
Hero thumb ragnarok pa color
Ragnarok with their live PA
Hero thumb ragnarok 1zm 1
Ragnarok in Auckland's 1ZM studio, 1976
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Don’t get confused with the other bands of the same name. There’s a death metal Ragnarok from Norway, and another progressive rock Ragnarok from Sweden, whose early albums are also rather good.

Nooks was produced by Rick White (with the band). Rick was a member of Tom Thumb whose 1970 Ludgate Hill EP on HMV is regarded as one of New Zealand's first prog releases

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Lea Maalfrid - vocals

Ramon York - vocals, guitar, synthesiser

Ross Muir - bass

Mark Jayet - drums

Andre Jayet - Mellotron, synthesiser, keyboards, drums

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