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It’s a rainy night at Maitland St, Dunedin, sometime in the early 1990s and I’m at home alone with nothing better to do than watch TV. Dennis Weaver is in his car while being chased by a large dark ominous truck down the highways of the USA and I’m starting to think that heating up something for dinner might be a good idea. I figure I can come back later for the punchline to the movie, and so I’m at the stove cooking when the power goes out. Dinner goes cold on the stove, and the fate of Mr. Weaver will remain unknown tonight, but what to do?

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Ross Cunningham interviews Peter Jefferies

In December 2016 I travelled to New Plymouth to film an interview with Peter Jefferies. I’d seen him perform three times in the previous eight months, once solo and twice with different versions of the This Kind of Punishment line-up. These were the first times I’d seen him perform since he’d turned his back on making and performing music over a decade earlier, and it was a joy to see him up on stage again, confident, expressive – and looking like he was enjoying it.

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