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Murray Cammick
30 Mar 2015

In late 1985, Peking Man hit the big time with their single ‘Room That Echoes’ topping the NZ Singles Chart for two weeks. But it was the beginning of the end for the band as all music industry eyes were on co-lead singer Margaret Urlich and it was inevitable that she would be encouraged to pursue a solo career.

The original core of Peking Man were John Fearon (drums), Neville Hall (saxophone) and Tim Calder (bass) and they were known as The Corners.  And then they were four when vocalist Pat Urlich joined. Completing the line-up to record their first release as Peking Man was guitarist Perry Marshall.

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Peking Man's only CBS album, released in July 1986, was produced by Bruce Lynch, with a cover by Phil O'Reilly. Within a few months Margaret Urlich had left the band although it was not announced until mid-1987. The album was awarded Album Of The Year at the 1987 New Zealand Music Awards.
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Peking Man - Good Luck To You (1985)
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Scared Of A Sound was the first single on John Doe's Hit Singles label, produced by Graeme Myhre at Mandrill Studios
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Margaret Urlich on the cover of the June 1986 RipItUp
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Peking Man: clockwise from lower left - Tim Calder, Pat Urlich, Neville Hall, Perry Marshall, Margaret Urlich, Jay Foulkes and John Fearon
Photo credit: Photo by Regan Cameron
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Peking Man - Room That Echoes (1985)
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Margaret and Pat Urlich in the January/February 1986 Shake! magazine 
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Animal Instincts was a cassette only release, recorded live at Last Laugh in Auckland's Vulcan Lane by Greg Brice and released on the studio's label
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Peking Man with manager David Fearon (to Margaret Urlich's right), 1985
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Peking Man hit the top
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Between The Lines was the final Peking Man single, released late 1986
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Peking Man's first vinyl release was the 1983 12-inch EP on Unsung Records, the artists co-op label formed via an Auckland City Council music support scheme.
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The UK single of Room That Echoes added a subtitle (Round And Around) and changed the New Zealand cover to one that didn't feature Margaret Urlich
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The Corners, Fish School, The Ha Ha Ha's and The Blue Green Browns play the Ponsonby Community Centre, October 1982
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A 1986 CBS publicity shot
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Margaret and Pat Urlich in the January/February 1986 Shake! magazine
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Good Luck To You was the third single from the CBS album, issued in mid-1986
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Pat and Margaret Urlich's cousin Peter Urlich was the lead singer in rock band Th' Dudes. In addition to singing, his resume includes: club promoter, longtime radio host, one half of house DJ duo Nice'n'Urlich and musical director for special events and festivals.

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Margaret Urlich - vocals

Pat Urlich - vocals

Tim Calder - bass

John Fearon - drums

Perry Marshall - guitar

Neville Hall - saxophone, keyboards

Jay Foulkes - percussion

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