Moana Maniapoto Stories

Ross Cunningham interviews Moana Maniapoto

There’s something about Moana Maniapoto’s music that keeps me coming back. I first heard it in the late 1980s, and have been happily listening to the albums and going to the gigs ever since. We first met in 1992 while working on a television project together, and we got on well. Following that I directed a few music videos for the Moahunters, and interviewed Moana a handful of times for various screen projects, so I felt pretty comfortable about asking her if she was up for doing a long-form filmed interview for AudioCulture.

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Moana and the Tribe

One of the most powerful and politically pointed performances at the 2014 Womad festival in New Plymouth came from Moana and the Tribe who – to thumping beats and a thrilling meltdown of dub, rock, reggae, funk and waiata – delivered a set which surpassed that of the internationals on that same main stage.

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Brothers and Sisters, 1992

NEW ORLEANS, April, 1992 – “I’ll give you a quote for your magazine.” Cyril Neville puts his arm around me. He has a broad grin on his face, which is framed in dreadlocks. He’s dressed in a purple robe, with a cap encrusted in sequins to read “N”.

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