John McCready Stories

John McCready part 1 - Philips NZ

John McCready could be the tough judge on one of those TV talent shows. He’s a tough businessman and remains a music man; he was all over Spotify from day one. Although McCready has recently spent as many years in TV or radio as he did in music, he was a key figure in the formative years of the local music industry – from the mid-1960s to the mid-1980s.

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John McCready part 2 - the UK

John McCready with AJ Morris, Managing Director of Phonogram UK, and actress Claudine Longet (then wife of Andy Williams) LA 1974. Phonogram had just done a deal to distribute Andy's label Barnaby in the UK.

Getting to do your OE in London while working as a well-paid music executive sounds like a great idea. When I sat down to speak to John McCready about his overseas experience, he had quite a bizarre story to tell. He was there for three years and worked at three different companies – his story packs a punch or two.

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John McCready part 3 - the CBS years

When John McCready returned to Auckland in late 1976, Billboard (13 November 1976) reported that he would, “set up his own independent music company Boom Boom Music, covering the Australasian territories. McCready hopes to be fully operational by February 1977. McCready originally left the company to join PolyGram in a senior post in Australia but final terms could not be agreed.”

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