Heart Attack Alley Profile

Martyn Pepperell
16 May 2013

Auckland band Heart Attack Alley originally formed in 2010 as a duo with Dr Karl Steven on harmonica and stompbox and and Kristal Gallager on guitar. Soon afterwards they were joined by Caoimhe Macfehin  on vocals and tambourine. The three-piece honed their "Hypno-Psychotic Blues Trash" sound on Gallager's front porch.

Their first recordings were 'Spit It Out' and 'Too Hot Blues', released as digital downloads via bandcamp. These quickly found their way onto student radio playlists and the band found they had an audience.

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Karl Steven, Kristal Gallager, Caoimhe Macfehin
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Cheese on Toast Interview
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LATE at the Museum
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I Put A Spell On You - Live at the Gunslingers Ball, The Wine Cellar, Auckland
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Karl Steven completed a PhD in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy at Cambridge University.

Heart Attack Alley recorded their album Living In Hell in Italy at Inside Outside studios, a specialist analog recording studio where regular pasta consumption is part of the creative process.

Reverend Beat-Man contacted them about signing to Voodoo Rhythm Records via Facebook after seeing them play in Auckland.

They started out jamming on the outside porches of their houses because both Steven and Gallager had small children and they didn't want to wake them up while practicing.

Steven started playing stomp box after putting one together for a solo performance.

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95bFM In Session: The full session
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Karl Steven - vocals, harmonica, stompbox

Kristal Gallager - guitar

Caoimhe Macfehin - vocals

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Knife Sword Machette Records

Voodoo Rhythm Records