Gentle Annie Stories

Gentle Annie - part one

A classically trained violinist, Cath Newhook had a joint degree in performance violin and history when she was offered an apprenticeship at the Stringed Instrument Company by luthier Peter Madill in 1977. The pair would take turns playing records while they toiled away in the dusty workshop in the Brown’s Mill building in Durham Lane. On one occasion when Newhook was busy she had Madill take her turn as long as he didn’t play “any of that horrible country music”. “Hang on a moment, you’ve been putting country music on this turntable for the last four weeks,” came his reply.

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Gentle Annie - part two

With fiddler Cath Newhook and singer-guitarist Glenn Fuller being offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at the Country Gentleman Restaurant, they set about rebuilding the Gentle Annie line-up with some urgency.

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