Don McGlashan Stories

Don McGlashan – part one

Born in Auckland on 18 July 1959, Don remembers his grandfather singing him songs from the Boer War, and with both Scottish and Irish blood it’s perhaps not surprising that many years later his voice often carried a classic Celtic yearning on the wings of its melodies.

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Don McGlashan – part two

At the turn of the century Don McGlashan’s dream was turning into dust as his group The Mutton Birds reluctantly gave up its ambitions to reap international success. He had given it his best shot: in 1996 the group had moved to England, where they had been signed to Virgin Records, been hyped up in all the right magazines and media, and toured relentlessly. And even after Virgin gave up on them, they kept plugging away for several years. But all to only so much avail.

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The Front Lawn

So many of the greatest songs contain a story. The majority of these songs allow you to fill in the gaps, to complete your own story by deliberately offering up not enough jigsaw puzzle pieces to complete a picture, leaving you forced to fill in as much as you can. 

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