Deja Voodoo Profile

Gary Steel
14 May 2013

It all began with the cult TV satire Back Of The Y Masterpiece Television, which featured 15 seconds of appalling, sloppy, moronic rock and roll devised by the show’s creators Matt Heath and Chris Stapp.

Deja Voodoo was the name of that horrible, fictional house band, and somehow, they became a real band – sort of. Somehow, they conducted a tour in 2002 that, according to the band’s bio, “featured a finale where the band members smashed 10 burning acoustic guitars over Chris Stapp’s head.”

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Sub Grunge

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Matt Heath - guitar, vocals

Chris Stapp - bass, vocals

Piers Graham - drums

Gerald Stuart - lead guitar

James Goodfellow - drums

Phillip Bruff - drums

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Beers Music Video
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Deja Voodoo’s first tour was featured in the Back Of The Y goes To Hollywood DVD, and the group supplied its soundtrack.