Dave Miller and The Byrds Profile

Andrew Schmidt
14 May 2013

The Christchurch to Auckland pop highway was already well travelled when Dave Miller and The Byrds arrived in 1965. Ray Columbus and The Invaders, Max Merritt and The Meteors and Dinah Lee had already used the northern city as a stepping stone to successful careers in Australia, a path Dave Miller would also take.

Miller had joined Christchurch group, The Playboys in Auckland in 1963 after the departure of singers Diane Jacobs (aka Dinah Lee) and Phil Garland, following a six-week residency deputising for Max Merritt and The Meteors at The Platterack.

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Dave Miller & The Byrds in 1965: Graeme Miller, Chris Collier, Dave Miller, Al Dunster and Brian Ringrose
Zodiac flyer from 1965
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A very Beatle-esque Playboys: Graeme Miller, John O'Neill, Dave Miller, Kevin O'Neill and Brian Ringrose
The Playboys - l to r: Graeme Miller, Mark Graham, Brian Ringrose, Dave Martin, Phil Garland, with Diane Jacobs (Dinah Lee) 
Brian Ringrose, Graeme Miller, Dave Miller, Chris Collier, Al Dunster
The Playboys. Clockwise from top left: Graeme Miller, John O'Neill, Kevin O'Neill and Brian Ringrose, Dave Miller, Phil Garland
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Dave Miller - vocals

Graeme Miller - drums

Mark Graham - rhythm guitar

John O’Neill - bass

Kevin O’Neill - rhythm guitar

Chris Collier - guitar

Al Dunster - bass

Brian Ringrose - guitar