Dave Hartstone Stories

The Dave Hartstone story - part 1

When his bandmates returned home after 18 months of touring and recording in the UK, former Four Fours and Human Instinct guitarist Dave Hartstone went on to design a sound system that revolutionised big stadium and outdoor concerts throughout the UK and US.

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The Dave Hartstone story - part 2

After a heady 18 months on the band circuit holding their own as a headline act and narrowly missing out on chart action, The Human Instinct decided to head home. Dave Hartstone didn’t have the money for a return fare and decided to stay in London.

Hartstone had built up some great contacts in the music business and was convinced he could get drummer Maurice Greer involved in another good band. “He was always on the phone drumming up some sort of business and he booked me in for an audition with The Jeff Beck Group,” says Greer.

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