Bill Direen And The Bilders Stories

Bill Direen Part 1 - a maverick voice 1975 to 1984

Bill Direen at the Christchurch Arts Centre - Photo by Lesley Maclean

His was a maverick voice, older, wiser and darker, and his music and words had a knowing beyond many in that fertile time. There, eternal truths could be glimpsed.

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Bill Direen Part 2 - 1985 and into the present

“I’m beginning to see diversity as a handicap the more I speak to people in the United Kingdom. Repetition and familiarity are what ensnare people in pop.”

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Parallel movements to punk

Parallel movements to punk – Bill Direen on the generation that preceded punk in New Zealand

There was a second group of older citizens, who were in their creative minded teens in the seventies before punk hit, who could be considered separately. I was such a one, and intersected with some of these, in the late seventies and early eighties. There was a significant difference of approach in their music, compared to groups and individuals immediately influenced by punk/new wave. And yet, in a way, we shared a sort of “ethos”.

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The Bilders Tour Europe

Bilders do the autobahn - Arno Loeffler

Bill Direen: A Memory of Others is a feature-length road documentary chosen to screen at the New Zealand International Film Festival in August 2017. Directed by Simon Ogston, who was responsible for documentaries on Philip Dadson and The Skeptics, it follows Direen on his 2016 national New Zealand tour, his first in over a decade. He reunites with friends and visits significant locations, tells stories, recites and performs his work.

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