Arthur Baysting Stories

Arthur Baysting: Dreams, Schemes and Themes part 1

Peter Needham: “Mick Jagger bought us a beer!”

I first met Arthur while working in Wellington for the NZ Listener. I started there in 1968 as a sort of cadet/copy boy/writer, fresh out of Naenae College, and was delighted to begin my first job in such a creative environment. I got on well with fellow writer Arthur, who was a couple of years older than me and more experienced (these things count when you are 18!). 

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Arthur Baysting: Dreams, Schemes and Themes part 2

Nick Bollinger: trying out his Elvis moves

I met Neville Purvis before I met Arthur Baysting. I was 19 and playing in Rick Bryant’s band Rough Justice. Red Mole were performing their Cabaret Capital Strut at Carmen’s Balcony and whenever we had a night off the whole band would go along to the show. Neville Purvis “at your service”’ was the MC, a dirty-white-suited spiv who filled the gaps between items with tales of his Mark II Zephyr and the education he’d had at Taita College and Mount Crawford finishing school. No character like this had ever stood in a spotlight before. Someone said Neville was actually Arthur Baysting, a poet, but that was hard to believe. The strip club seemed like his natural habitat. He looked like he slept out the back.

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