2002 interview excerpts with this author:


“Tis true I hail from Kerikeri, affectionately known as the “fruitbowl of the north” or the “cradle of the nation.” Musically, I guess it seems a little isolated, but my friends and I tended to listen to some slightly unconventional stuff. I found it strange when I moved to Auckland the number of people that hadn’t heard of Shellac, or the Jesus Lizard, or Fugazi, yet it seemed fairly normal growing up.”

First rock experience:

“I played in a Rockquest band called Mooseface. We got entered into it as a prank. I played bass. We had a ‘saxomaphone’ player, a drummer, and a Tongan/Canadian half-rapping, half-talking. Surprisingly, we ended up winning the National Urban Music Award, and made a shockingly amateur video. We weren’t very good.”

The album:

“My Mum thinks it’s good. But then again, I could have put out 14 tracks of static and she would probably still think that.”