Jason Young, Japan, 2013

Drummer (Loves Ugly Children) and bassist (Future Stupid) Jason Young kept a gig diary during his years with the bands in the 1990s. We share it below:


Loves Ugly Children re-forms in May this year. I become the drummer and sing backing vocals. We start well and are one of the top new bands in town before the year is out. Some early recordings are done at Arnie Van Bussel’s and the song 'Good Thing' becomes an RDU favourite. We tour around the South Island and go on to win the Carlton War of the Bands and become No.1 on RDU for a time.


Loves Ugly Children at Warners, Christchurch, 1991 War Of The Bands


LUC really starts to take off and records Purge (Flat City Records) and also three songs for the compilation Avalanche (Failsafe Records). We continue playing all over the place in the South Island through this year and look to head north.


LUC starts to push at Flying Nun quite hard, helped by Bart Barkman, and keep doing plenty of shows.

LUC tour to the North Island during this year.


Loves Ugly Children early 1990s at the Old Mill, Christchurch: Jason Young, Simon Maclaren and Angela Leslie


LUC records Cold Water Surf (Flying Nun) during the winter and manages to have it released by Flying Nun during this year.

LUC plays at the Big Day Out in January and also The Nile River Festival (with Supergroove), in Westport, the day before.

31-05-94 Third anniversary of this incarnation of Loves Ugly Children. Formed May 1991, Christchurch.

09-06-94 LUC @ Viligrad, Queenstown. Also mixed Pumpkinhead.

04-07-94 Mixed Future Stupid @ Quadrophenia, Christchurch. (first line-up of Future Stupid).

13-07-94 LUC @ SPAC Gig, Christchurch. Plus Trawler and Urinator.

20-07-94 LUC @ BFM Private Function, Auckland.

26-07-94 LUC @ Squid, Auckland. Support is Garageland .

02-08-94 LUC @ Bodega, Wellington. Breathe supported, maximum Bodega crowd 266+.

22-08-94 Cultivation @ Warners, Christchurch. Supported HDU and Ape Management, Tiki Taane’s first band. I play guitar in this for a year.

23-08-94 LUC @ Warners, Christchurch. Also Pumpkinhead. Freak Scene II.

03-09-94 Cultivation @ Norml Gig, Christchurch. Also Future Stupid (first line-up)

13-10-94 LUC + Cultivation @ Warners.

22-10-94 LUC @ Crown, Dunedin. Also Hallelujah Picassos and Urban Disturbance.

23-10-94 LUC @ Crown, Dunedin. Day gig with the above plus Dub jams.

??-??-94  LUC @ Warners, Christchurch. Cold Water Surf release gig. LUC’s first Flying Nun EP. Also Future Stupid, Urinator.

04-11-94 LUC @ Metropolitan, Nelson.

11-11-94 LUC @ Pod, Auckland.

12-11-94 LUC @ Hamilton.

17-11-94 LUC @ New Plymouth.

18-11-94 LUC @ Palmerston Nth.

19-11-94 LUC @ Tycodies, Wellington.

06-12-94 Pumpkinhead @ Canterbury University. I filled in on guitar for this gig after Jason Harmon left. Francis (David) Hunt joined them after this.

15-12-94 LUC @ Antipodes, Wellington. With Urban Disturbance and Picassos.

17-12-94 LUC @ ?. Auckland. With Urban Disturbance and Picassos.

31-12-94 LUC, Hallelujah Picccasos @ Expresso 124, Christchurch New Years Eve.


Loves Ugly Children: Angela "Floss" Leslie, Simon Maclaren and Jason Young, 1995


19-01-95 LUC @ Powerstation, Auckland. Supporting Ministry pre-Big Day Out gig.

20-01-95 LUC @ Big Day Out, Auckland.

??-??-95 LUC @ Whitecliffs, near Christchurch.

29-01-95 LUC @ John Greenfield’s Impromptu Wake.

It was an amazing night, great spirit in the true Christchurch tradition … RIP John.

01-03-95 LUC @ Christchurch Orientation. Shihad plays too.

17-03-95 LUC @ The Crown, Dunedin with Trawler.

??-??-95 LUC @ Quadraphenia, Christchurch.

04-04-95 Recording starts for LUC Cakehole (Flying Nun) @ Fish Street with Tex Houston

                        We finished on the 14th. Wicked times.

15-04-95 Mixing down LUC Cakehole @ Fish St with Tex. We finished on the 26th, 32 mixes in all. Great fun.

30-06-95 LUC @ Quadrophenia.

24-07-95 Shooting video for LUC 'Personal World' in Auckland.

18-08-95 LUC @ Christchurch University

19-08-95 LUC @ The Firehouse. Christchurch.

Single released, 'Personal World' (Flying Nun). Also the song on Abbasolutely, a Flying Nun Compilation, 'Honey, Honey'.

                        LUC Tour in Australia with Garageland and King Loser. Arrive Melbourne.

25-08-95 LUC @ Lennies, Adelaide.

26-08-95 LUC @ Punters Club, Melbourne.

27-08-95 LUC @ Esplanade, Melbourne.

28-08-95 LUC @ Annandale, Sydney.

30-08-95 LUC @ Annandale, Sydney.

31-08-95 LUC @ Newcastle Uni, Newcastle.

??-??-95 LUC @ Byron Bay.

02-09-95 LUC @ The Roxy, Brisbane.

06-09-95 LUC Live to air @ bFM, Auckland.

08-09-95 LUC @ Kurtz Lounge with Garageland.

11-09-95 Album release, LUC, Cakehole.

14-09-95 LUC @ The Crown, Dunedin.

15-09-95 LUC @ Warners, Christchurch.

16-09-95 LUC @ Nelson.

22-09-95 LUC @ Antipodes, Wellington.

23-09-95 LUC @ Palmerston Nth. with Garageland.

27-09-95 LUC @ Hamilton.

28-09-95 LUC @ bFM Private Function, Auckland.

29-09-95 LUC @ Squid, Auckland.

01-10-95 LUC Tour to UK leaves Auckland. Nine weeks in London

05-10-95 LUC @ The Orange, Westend, London.

06-10-95 LUC @ The Water Rats (The Smash Club), London.

11-10-95 LUC @ Brighton Polytech, Brighton.

14-10-95 LUC @ The Underworld, Camden, London.

24-10-95 LUC Recording Suck EP, Straylight Studio and Alien Studio.

09-11-95 LUC @ The Underworld, Camden, London.

13-11-95 LUC @ The Dublin Castle, Camden, London.

23-11-95 LUC @ Borderline, London.

??-??-95 LUC @ The Orange, London.

05-12-95 LUC @ The Garage, London. Last UK show.

08-12-95 LUC arrive back home, knackered.


Loves Ugly Children, late 1995: Jason Young, Angela Leslie and Simon Maclaren - Photo by Mark Swadel


19-01-96 LUC @ The Big Day Out, Auckland.

16-02-96 LUC @ The Edge, Christchurch.

LUC records Showered In Gold during this period, our second album. We also relocated to Auckland (June 1996), touring our way up the country. The EP Suck is released around now, mid 1996.


Loves Ugly Children: a still from the Suck  video shoot, early 1996

I join Future Stupid as the bass player and backing vocalist. We do some good gigs and record the album Cannonfodder at the same time LUC is finishing Showered..


Future Stupid: Tony Hallum, Deryck Hunt and Jason Young recording demos, late 1996

31-12-96 LUC @ Powerstation. New Year’s Eve show.


Future Stupid: Jason Young, Grizz, Tony Hallum, early 1997


During this year I leave LUC – after Showered in Gold is released and we have done a national, winter tour.

I also do the video for 'Six Pack' – my  last for LUC. Paul Reid features in the final LUC video for 'Voodoo Girl'. My last show is at the Powerstation.

Future Stupid goes very well this year and the single 'Greed' makes a bit of an impact. We go from Deryck Hunt (D-Rawk in FS parlance) (Semi Lemon Kola / Propeller) to Grizz (Furious George) on drums.

03-01-97 Future Stupid @ Tomorata Sun Fest.

16-01-97 Future Stupid @ Big Day Out, Supertop Tent.

24-01-97 Future Stupid @ Squid. Gluefist supports.

01-02-97 LUC @ Burning In The Light gig Christchurch, Lancaster Park. Rocket from The Crypt also plays.

02-02-97 LUC @ Powerstation, supporting Rocket from the Crypt.

16–02-97 Future Stupid @ Auckland, Summer Series in Albert Park.


Future Stupid at the 95bFM Summer Series, 1997

23-02-97 LUC @ Auckland, Summer Series in Park.

24-02-97 Future Stupid @ Unitech Gig, Auckland.

04-03-97 LUC + Future Stupid @ Canterbury Uni.

05-03-97 Future Stupid @ Powerstation.

26-04-97 Future Stupid @ Papa Jack’s.


Grizz and Jason Hunt, Future Stupid supporting Korn

01-05-97 Future Stupid @ Nth Shore Events Ctr., supporting Korn. Grizz is drumming by now.

05-05-97 Informed LUC of my intentions re: leaving the band.

??-05-97 LUC album Showered In Gold is released.


Future Stupid supporting Korn: Tony Hallum and Jason Young

23-05-97 LUC @ Squid and instore at Real Groovy. Destroyed my hands!

29-05-95 LUC @ Wanganui.

30-05-97 LUC @ Oakune.

31-05-97 LUC @ Wellington

01-06-97 LUC @ Nelson

03-06-95 LUC @ RDU, live-to-air show.

04-06-97 LUC @ Christchurch, supporting NO-FX.

05-06-97 LUC @ Dunedin + live-to-air @ Radio 1

06-06-97 LUC @ Christchurch, My last gig in home turf with LUC.

07-06-97 LUC @ Hamilton

13-06-97 LUC @ Powerstation, Auckland.

14-06-97 LUC @ New Plymouth. Last LUC show for me. What a fucking ride that was. Epic.

19-06-97 Future Stupid @ Tauranga, supporting HLAH Tour. I missed the first 6 gigs and Bryce Wood (Furious George / Subtract)  filled in.

20-06-97 Future Stupid @ Auckland, supporting HLAH.

21-06-97 Future Stupid @ Whangarei, supporting HLAH.

26-06-97 Future Stupid @ Dunedin, supporting HLAH.

27-06-97 Future Stupid @ Caledonian Hall, Christchurch. Arrrrgh, with HLAH.

28-06-97 Future Stupid @ Queenstown, supporting HLAH.

??-??-97 Future Stupid @ Valve, Wellington.

19-07-97 Future Stupid @ New Plymouth.

08-08-97 Future Stupid @ Paekakariki with HLAH.

22-08-97 Future Stupid @ Squid, Auckland.

23-08-97 Future Stupid @ Squid, Auckland.

13-11-97 Future Stupid @ Tauranga with HLAH.

29-11-97 Future Stupid @ bFM Private Function, Auckland.


Future Stupid late 1997: Tony Hallum, Jason Young, Mark Rees


06-02-98 Future Stupid @ Whakatane.

13-03-98 Future Stupid @ Luna

05-04-98 Future Stupid @ Powerstation, supporting The Jesus Lizard.

13-05-98 Future Stupid @ Control Room Birthday party, Auckland. Mark Rees (Reese) (Subtract) on drums by now

18-06-98 Future Stupid @ Havoc, TVNZ. Played 'Clone'.

27-06-98 Future Stupid @ Audio Overload, Christchurch.

29-06-98 Future Stupid @ Shadow’s Bar, Auckland Uni.

10-11-98 Future Stupid records while we can for two days. Unreleased demos.


24-01-98 Future Stupid @ Auckland. ??

19-03-99 Future Stupid @ The Mandalay, Auckland. With HLAH and Slim.

20-03-99 Future Stupid @ Raglan, with HLAH.


02-09-06 Future Stupid @ Pony, Melbourne!


Tony Hallum and Jason Young at the 2006 reunion gig - Pony Bar, Melbourne


Jason Young, Japan, 2013